Collab. Success Stories

Technology and Information Literacy Check List(K)

Technology and Information Literacy Check List(5th)

Technology and Information Literacy Check List(4th)

Technology and Information Literacy Check List(3rd)

Technology and Information Literacy Check List(2nd)

Technology and Information Literacy Check List(1st)

Goal for Collaboration – not to add more to your plate but to take what is already on your plate and help you do something different with it. 

How can we do that?  You share what’s on your plate and I try to come up with ways to use 21st century skills and library resources to help you and your students.

Here are some examples…

Informational Writing displayed as Flipsnack bookinformational

Mrs. Schwan’s 3rd graders wrote informational writing pieces and we published them in an online book for all to enjoy – Click here to see it


Tellagami App and “Night of the Notables” with Mrs. Staff’s 3rd graders

Mrs. Staff’s 3rd graders have been working with me for the last week on recording introductions for their “Night of the Notables” biography project.  We used the app Tellagami to create avatars that represent the students as they spoke about their famous person in 30 seconds or less.

Please click this link to view the entire movie (it takes less than 5 minutes).

tellagamiThe Tellagami app lets you create and share animated messages in 3 easy steps. 1) Customize your character and background. 2) Record your voice for your character to say. 3) Share the finished “Gami” to the camera roll.  Once finished the recording can be previewed instantly and corrected, if necessary, by re-recording. The record features, combined with being able to change the background image from one from the Camera Roll, offers endless opportunities for students to share their knowledge on any given subject.

Thanks to Mrs. Staff and her 3rd graders for working with me on this project – They did a fantastic job!

Google Presentations with Ms. Wegner’s 2nd graders

Recently Ms. Wegner’s 2nd graders finished their Google presentations on the animal they researched.  Using print and online resources such as PebbleGo, this research project turned out great and the students did a wonderful job of creating engaging presentations.  See below for one example.  Thanks for Ms Wegner for collaborating with me on this project!

Mrs. Dennis’s class Voicethreads…


Over the past few years we have used Voicethread to present book talks and non-fiction narratives of our students.  This Web 2.0 application is a multimedia presentation of slides that allows for the sharing and collaboration of information. It provides a variety of ways for commentators to add their thoughts via text, voice and video. The potential uses for this application are endless….Please click here

to watch and listen to Mrs. Dennis’s first graders as they describe their animal they researched, accompanied by a picture each child drew.  They did a great job!

Explain Everything Please…

Unknown-1Mrs. Reimer’s 2nd graders have worked very hard on researching their planets and after collecting information from both print and online resources, they each created models of their planets.  They used the Explain Everything app to demonstrate their knowledge.  Please view them below:

Aidan’s planet Uranus

Aiden’s planet Saturn

Andrue’s planet Venus

Anna’s planet Jupiter

D.J.’s planet Saturn

Drew’s planet Jupiter

Emily’s planet Uranus

Grace’s planet Neptune

Gracie’s planet Pluto

Gwen’s planet Earth

Kaira’s planet Earth

Lauren’s planet Pluto

Logan’s planet Jupiter

Lyn’s planet Neptune

Makenna’s planet Pluto

Max’s planet Uranus

Megan’s planet Mercury

Noah’s planet Saturn

Biographies with FaceJack  Unknown-2

Mrs. Mergendahl’s class wrote summaries in the first person of the famous person they studied and then used to app FaceJack to record it.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

Albert Einstein

Jane Goodall

Ronald Reagan

Jackie Robinson

Babe Ruth


Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss

Maria Tallchief

Harriet Tubman

George Washington

Online Classroom Books using Flipsnack

Want to share your students’ work online as a classroom or individual book?  Try the online tool Flipsnack.  Below is an example of Mrs. Staff’s 3rd grade Christmas stories, Mrs. Gauger’s 3rd grade Realistic Fiction Stories and Mrs. Reimer’s Gingerbread Stories from her 2nd graders.Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 9.00.54 AM

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 9.30.26 AM

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 12.47.10 PM

All we need is to save the student work as PDFs and upload them to the website.  Mrs. D. has a personal account with Flipsnack.  Once your classroom book is published, it can be shared on a teacher’s classroom website for parents and other students and teachers to view.

MLK and Skitch

During the week of Martin Luther King Day I met with Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classes we used the app Skitch on my Ipad to come up with “powerful words” to describe how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. impacted our society.  It was a very interesting experience listening to how these young children interpret Dr. King’s dream and their ideas were a testament to how far we have come since his death in 1968.

Skitch is great app that can be used in a variety of ways.  Here are just a few ideas…taking a photo or image from the Internet or a textbook and expanding on student’s prior knowledge, using a science diagram and adding more vocabulary to it using the arrow feature on Skitch, taking photos of students on the Ipad and using them from your camera roll to add positive words to describe themselves or their classmates…the possibilities are endless…

Google brochures with 4th grade

Collaborating with Mrs. Goertz and Mrs. Mergendahl we ended up working with students in all five 4th grade classes on a Google brochure project where students worked with a partner to create a brochure “advertising” all of the features of the state they researched.

Besides using cooperative skills working with their partner, students practiced researching, both online and using a new set of state books from our library collection.  Students also became active users of their Google accounts and learned how to take a template that I created, copy it and make it their own product.  In other words, 21st century skills in action!

See below for an example of this work:

brochure1            brochure2

Blogging with Mrs. Treptow’s classScreen shot 2013-12-05 at 8.30.41 PM

Mrs. D enjoyed working with Mrs. Treptow on setting up her classroom blog and teaching her students the importance of blogging skills.  Before you share your thoughts on a classroom blog (or anywhere online for that matter), remember these important “Blogging Rules”

1.  Remember, do not share personal information like your full name, email address, home address or phone number.

2. Stay on topic when you are blogging or commenting on other blogs.

3. Do your best work – Make sure you check your spelling, spacing, capitalization and overall grammar.

4. Be Kind or Be Quiet – in other words, stay positive in  your posts and comments to other’s posts.

What you say leaves a “digital footprint” and will follow you for many years….Here is an excellent website that discusses this important topic –

3rd grade Online Books

Mrs. Schwan’s and Mrs. Gauger’s 3rd graders finished working on their biographies using Kid-Friendly Search Engines, Pebble Go, World Book online and Ducksters Biographies.  Here is a Flipsnack online book so you can learn some of the cool facts these students learned about their famous person – Enjoy!

class bookWhat are you Thankful for?

Mrs. Reimer’s 2nd graders created an online book about what they were thankful for.  Click here to watch and listen!

Readers Theater Comes Alive in Ms. Wegner’s Room

Readers Theater is readers reading a script adapted from literature, and the audience picturing the action from hearing the script being read aloud.  It requires no sets, costumes, props, or memorized lines.  Instead of acting out literature as in a play, the performer’s goal is to read a script aloud effectively, enabling the audience to visualize the action.  Performers bring the text alive by using voice, facial expressions, and some gestures.

For an example, check out Ms. Wegner’s class performing Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears:

Wegner Group 1  and Wegner Group 2

Kindergartners Show Their Appreciation…

Kindergartners are thankful for a great principal, Mrs. LesStrang – Click here to see how they thanked her for what she does for all of us!

Little Bird Tales – Mrs. Maahs’s 1st graders visit the School Forest!

Using the digital storytelling site Little Bird Tales, Mrs. Maahs’s 1st graders wrote an online book as a whole class and two individual students were recorded reading the book.  Mrs. D. was impressed by their knowledge of bats!  Click here to watch and listen!

Personal Narratives using Voicethread

Mrs. Staff’s 3rd graders drew their own self-portraits and wrote a personal narrative about an important life event.  Click here to listen to each one!carson

Google Mail

Mrs. Reimer’s 2nd graders learned about their Google accounts, how to access them and how to send an email to their teacher.  They sent Mrs. Reimer an email about their next Personal Narrative topic.  How exciting!reimer

Be a Buddy, Not a Bully

Mrs. D. and Mrs. Reinardy are working together to promote an awareness of cyberbullying and student safety online.  Students in 1st through 5th grade had specific lessons on cyber safety and bullying, along with sharing resources through our school website to promote October’s Anti-Bullying Awareness.


Mrs. Lorge’s 5th grade Glogsters

We started off the project with a demonstration of the online poster website Glogster with Mrs. Lorge’s 5th graders.  We went over many of the tools that can be used on this website, along with how to download images from Britanica Image Quest.  Throughout the week students returned to the library to log into their own accounts and work on their glogster about their famous person.  * Due to bandwidth issues students had to upload images in small groups.  To see what Mrs. D showed students, please feel free to click here to see and hear my explanation using Screenr.

Steve Jobs Glogster

Maria Tallchief Glogster

Harry Houdini Glogster

Mozart Glogster

Intro to Macbook Air Laptops

21st century skills can be seen in action in the library and in classrooms throughout our school.  Miss Jensen’s and Mrs. Reimer’s classes were introduced to the MacAir laptops this week by Mrs. D.  It was exciting to see students using them for their latest research project and to explore their classroom teacher’s website.


2nd Grade Wordles Using Adjectives

All of the 2nd grade classes practiced using adjectives to describe themselves using the word cloud creator Wordle.  Students loved adding these Wordles to the covers of their writing folders.

ABCya Pumpkins

Kindergartners had a ball practicing mouse skills and creating jack-o-lanterns with the website ABCya.  New features have been added this site and we practiced using those newest tools.


Kindergarten Mouse Skills

Kindergartners also practiced identifying computer parts and how to use the mouse.  All classes came to the computer lab and practiced their “mouse skills” using


Touchcast Morning Announcements

Thanks to Miss Jensen, our Morning Announcements team has a new, exciting way to produce our daily morning announcements.  This team effort is a great example of how collaboration with staff and students pays off for everyone involved.  Visit our Morning Announcements page by clicking here.

2012 – 2013 School Year Projects

Mrs. Staff’s 3rd graders create websites

Students created websites on an endangered animal or a social issue topic (pollution, etc.)  Check out a few of their examples: – Addie H – Brian K – Alec D

Mrs. Marquardt’s Reader’s Theater

Check out these Reader’s Theater presentations of the fable The Lion and the Mouse done by Mrs. Marquardt’s 1st graders!

Group #1 – Narrator, Ava – Monkey, Drew – Snake, Evan – Lion, Ella and Mouse, Lydia

Group #2 – Narrator, Andrue – Monkey, Dominic – Snake, Finn – Lion, Sully and Mouse, Teanna

Group #3 – Narrator, Logan – Monkey, Vivy – Snake, Reis – Lion, Lindsay and Mouse, Jordon

Group #4 – Narrator, Terrance – Monkey, Carly – Snake, Braedan – Lion, Makenna and Mouse, Charlotte

Group #5 – Narrator, Lindsay – Monkey, Logan – Snake, Sam – Lion, Ella and Mouse, Chloe

Miss Jensen’s Fables – Check out this e-book of the awesome fables these 3rd graders created after studying fables this year! 

Mrs. Bauman’s Class Review Books

Click on this link to hear which books are Mrs. Bauman’s 2nd graders favorites and why –

Enjoy! fly high

Mrs. Schwan’s Book Talksdog

Looking for a good book to read?  Listen to recommendations from Mrs. Schwan’s 3rd grade class –

Mrs. Dennis’s Class Creates Voicethreads

Check out the recordings and illustrations of Mrs. Dennis’s 1st graders as they share facts they learned about the habitat they studied.

Mrs. Gauger’s 3rd grade Favorites

lousy rotten

If you are searching for the next great book to read, check out favorites from this year’s class from Mrs. Gauger’s room –

Mrs. King’s Class Uses Voicethread for Reader’s Theatre

king3 king2 king1

Checkout our Voicethread recording of Reader’s Theatre!  Students did a great job with their vocal expression – click here to this to these presentations!

Mrs. Marquardt’s 1st graders Use iPads

First graders in Mrs. Marquardt’s class learned the “rules” for taking good care of iPads and practiced using literacy apps such as Storia during their reading time last week with Mrs. D.  Many were excited to use an iPad for the first time as they worked in pairs or groups of three in their classroom.  Mrs. Marquardt is now checking the library set of iPads out on a regular basis and working directly with Mrs. D. to figure out which apps we can add to them to enhance the curriculum.


Mrs. Staff’s 3rd graders “Explain Everything” Habitat Project

Click below to view each student in Mrs. Staff’s class as they used the app Explain Everything to tell you what facts they learned about their habitats that they researched.

Ryan – Ocean

Adeline – Fresh Water

Drew – Coniferous Forest

Alec – Desert

Gavin – Rainforest

Kennedy – Ocean

Lauryn – Grassland

Carrie – Grassland

Marissa – Ocean

Adam – Ocean

Zoe – Desert

Carter – Rainforest

Regan – Coniferous Forest

Oliver – Rainforest

Michael – Rainforest

Cole – Ocean

Brian – Ocean

4th Graders Use Kerpoof

4th graders used Kerpoof to make animated pictures describing fascinating facts about their assigned state.  Check out the display in the library!

Mrs. King’s Voicethread Personal Narratives

Click here to listen to the personal narrative stories of Mrs. King’s students as they share their stories of life events.  Check out their awesome self-portraits too!  Great job!

Kindergartners Discover the E-book World of Tumblebooks!

Kindergartners practiced getting to the Tumblebooks link on our web page and listened to a variety of stories during their computer lab time.  There were many smiling faces in the lab this week!

1st graders Love their Math Websites

1st graders were introduced to the math websites on the 1st grade websites link on our school web page.  Great practice for math facts and computer mouse skills.

3rd graders Use Publisher to create a Brochure

Mrs. Staff’s class learned in social studies how to create a brochure using a template from Microsoft Publisher.  We reviewed from previous lessons, how to copy and paste a picture and insert text, change fonts and sizes, etc.  Their brochures were about features of the Weston, WI area.

5th grader PowerPoint Explorers

Mr. Aleckson’s class used PowerPoint to share their information on their famous explorer.  Check out some examples below using Slideshare.

Robert De La Salle

Francisco Vazquez de Coronado

John Cabot

Mrs. Reimer’s 2nd grade Voicethread Book Talks

Click here to listen to this year’s 2nd graders in Mrs. Reimer’s class suggest their favorite books.  We love their expression and enthusiasm about their favorite books!

3rd graders Intro to Macbook Air Laptops

21st century skills can be seen in action in the library and in classrooms throughout our school.  Mrs. Staff’s and Mrs. Schwan’s classes were introduced to the MacAir laptops this week by Mrs. D.  It was exciting to see students using them for their latest research project.

Kindergartners Carve “Virtual” Pumpkins using ABCya

All students in Riverside’s kindergarten classes had a blast creating jack-o-lanterns using the website ABCya – All creations were printed in color and displayed so everyone could enjoy them.

Let’s Blog!! – What’s Our Question of the Week, Mrs. D?

3rd, 4th and 5th graders are set up on to post comments on Mrs. D’s Question of the Week.  These questions can involve sharing the titles of favorite books, explaining ideas of how we can work together to stop cyberbullying and suggestions for this year’s book fair.  Be sure to check out what the latest Question of the Week is!

Kid-Friendly Search Engines

Looking for answers to your questions without getting all of the thousands of hits that don’t provide what you are really looking for?  Try using one of these to get better research results for elementary age children.

Google Maps

Mrs. Schwan and Mrs. D introduced Google maps to 3rd graders.  They used it to learn how far away their national landmark or park is from Ringle, WI and also to practice map reading skills like directions. 

3rd Grade Personal Narratives

Mrs. Staff’s class wrote personal narratives and used Voicethread to record them.  Check out the cool hand drawn self portraits that her students drew and listen to their unique narratives!  Click here to watch and listen!

2nd Grade Wordles Using Adjectives

All of the 2nd grade classes practiced using adjectives to describe themselves using the word cloud creator Wordle.  Students loved adding these Wordles to the covers of their writing folders.

2011-2012 School Year Projects

2nd Grade Endangered Animal PowerPoints

Students in Mrs. Bauman’s, Mrs. King’s and Mrs. Reimer’s classes worked in pairs and groups of three to research facts and create PowerPoints about a specific endangered animal.  Click on the examples below to see these great projects (please note that Slideshare does not transfer slide transitions).

Zebras by Brenna and Mari

Vaquitas by Mikayla and Reagan

Tigers by Brant and Pierce

Sharks by Ty, Brian and Caiden

Red Wolf by Adam and Eddie

 Panther by Josh, Gavin and Kelvin

 Northern Fur Seal by Oliver and Easton

 Narwhales by Kaitlyn and Bethany

 Monarch Butterfly by Renee, Mary Jane and Marissa

 Mexican Spotted Owl by Courtney and Sara

 Manatees by Natalie and Kennedy

Lemur by Collin, Shane and Michael

Koalas by Adeline and Abigail

Hawaiian Monk Seal by Ryan and August

Green Sea Turtle by Tynashia and Ella

Gray Wolf by Jack, Bryce and Alec

Elephants by Zoe, Hailey and Genna

Dolphins by Lauryn, Kennedy and Kylie

Cheetahs by Aidren, Austin and Carter

Bobcat by Kyle and Cole

Arctic Foxes by Garrison and Jason

Amazing Jaguars by Carrie, Haylee and Makayla

African Wild Dog by Drew and R.J.

4th Grade Wax Museum

Check out students in Mrs. Treptow’s and Ms. Thompson’s classes – You will see some famous Wisconsinites in this Animoto!

Night of the Notables Blabberizes

Check out the Blabberizes from Mrs. Staff’s 3rd graders as they describe their notable person in history.

Group 1

Gandhi by Nolan B.

Dr. Suzuki by Sonja B.

Maria Tallchief by Audrey S.

Group 2

Abraham Lincoln by Thomas B.

Oprah Winfrey by Kennedy C.

Bill Clinton by Jack J.

Susan B. Anthony by Shannon P.

Group 3

Bill Gates by John B.

Nancy Brinker by Alison G.

Martin Luther King Jr. by Lily P.

Jane Goodall by Arek S.

Group 4

Albert Einstein by Jackson B.

Abraham Lincoln by Grace P.

James Earl Jones by Quinn S.

Princess Dianna by Aramie T.

Group 5

George Washington by Aiden E.

Harriet Tubman by Lola O.

Martin Luther King Jr. by Emily S.

Martin Luther King Jr. by Payton V.

Group 6

Mother Teresa by Lucas A.

Ben Franklin by Gabe C.

Rosa Parks by Kate M.

Martin Luther King Jr. by Sophia W.

Poem in Your Pocket Day

We celebrated out first Poem in Your Pocket Day and what a celebration it was!  Students were reading poems on the playground, in the office,  in classrooms, in the library, in hallways….poetry fever was contagious!

The idea was simple: select a poem you love during National Poetry Month (or write your own) – then carry it with you to share with co-workers, family, and friends.

Poems from pockets were unfolded throughout the day and shared.  This is a fun, national activity that has been done annually since 2002.

Here at Riverside we even had all of the 4th grade classes sharing poems with students in Ohio through Skype!

Check out this animoto to see how our day went….

3rd Grade Book Talks

Mrs. Gauger’s 3rd graders just finished their book talks this week.  There is a great variety of book suggestions and students did a great job of using expression in their voice when reading their book review.  Check it out by clicking here!

NASA Kid’s Club

Kindergarten’s studied space this week and when they came to the computer lab, they had a blast visiting NASA Kid’s Club discovering even more fun information about space.

Tomorrow’s Alphabet

Check out Ms. Wegner’s 2nd grade class book based on the book Tomorrow’s Alphabet.  This project required a lot of creativity as students used Tux Paint but could only illustrate using their mouse and not pre-made clip art or stamps!  Click here to view the Flipsnack version!

Looking for a way to enjoy National Poetry Month?
Look no further,
these poems are sweet like Werthers
and the search is over, if it were
attached is a calendar
with a poem a day to share
if you care to take this dare
play these in your classroom,
or your secret underground lair

Just open the smart notebook calendar and click on the picture and a photo story or a link to youtube will pop up.  The poems during the week were selected and read by students in Mr. Aleckson’s Room 44. April is Poetry Month

Blabbering with Dinosaurs

Mrs. Reimer’s 2nd graders did a great job using first person narrative to describe the dinosaur that they researched using a fun website called Blabberize.  Click below to see each student’s dinosaur and learn more about them:

Welcome to the World of Poems with Two Voices

Mrs. Goertz and Ms. Goldbach’s 4th graders just finished a Voicethread poetry project using poems from the books You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You and Joyful Noise.  This project truly represents the importance of collaboration and team work – click here to watch and listen – the first poem is read by Mrs. Goertz and Ms. Goldbach!

What’s Up With the Weather?

Kindergartners are busy in March studying the weather.  Mrs. Dembowski has shared with the kindergartners some fun websites that explore their knowledge of all kinds of weather.  Check out these great websites!  Students love to create their own clouds – and dressing “teddy” for the weather is a blast!

Creating a Class Book using TuxPaint

Mrs. Marquardt’s 1st graders have created a classroom book using TuxPaint for their illustrations.  The energy in our computer lab has been incredible as students create and share their original art work.  Now our book is done and we are holding a raffle every few days to see who gets to check it out next!

Our book is entitled The Incredible Adventures of 1st Grade and we are very proud of these fantastic stories and illustrations!


Inserting Images

Mrs. Bauman’s 2nd grade students visited the library in February to use World Book to find an image of their famous person, copy and paste it and type out their person’s name using Microsoft Word.  We have many online resources to help with images – Remember to look at our Research Tools link!

Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day was a big success at Riverside – thank you to Mrs. Rosewicz for all of her hard work and willingness to collaborate with me and thanks to all of the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers and students for coming in to share ideas and learn something new together.

Our library is a busy place and it is amazing to think of all of the activity that occurred here in just one day!  Click here to see an Animoto celebrating all of the events of February 1st.

3rd grade Voicethreads

We just finished our book talks in Mrs. Schwan’s 3rd grade class at the end of January.  They did a fantastic job!  I love the expression used in their voices and there is a great variety of books to hear about.

Check out their Voicethreads by clicking here: Mrs. Schwan’s Book Talks

New Year’s Wordles with Mrs. King

Can you think of words that represent what your New Year’s resolutions are?  Mrs. King and Mrs. Dembowski helped 2nd grade students take words that they brainstormed to create individual word collages using the free and easy to use site Wordle.  The highlight of the activity was the excitement that could be heard in the computer lab as students showed their classmates their creations.

Book Talks by Mr. Hughes’ 5th graders

Looking for a good book to read?  Check out the book talks done by Mr. Hughes’ class in early January.  They are done using Voicethread – a great podcasting tool that lets students voices be heard.  We are proud of the great job these students did!

Riverside Teachers and Their Awesome Blogs and Webpages

We have had a few more classroom teachers join the blogging world – Mrs. Schwan and Mrs. Merriam now have blogs for their students.  Check out all of the teacher web pages and blogs at Riverside!

Battle of the Books 

It is so exciting to work with people who love to read and this year we are offering a Battle of the Books group.  We have 14 4th and 5th graders who want to take the Battle challenge.  I am grateful to also be working with advisors Mr. Podeweltz, Mrs. Reimer and Mrs. Becker.  By mid February we will be narrowing our team down to 4 students to participate in the state-wide competition.

Thanksgiving Wordles – by Mrs. Mergendaul’s 2nd graders

Can you think of eight words that represent what Thanksgiving means to you?  Mrs. Mergendaul and Mrs. Dembowski helped students take words that were brainstormed as a class to create individual word collages using the free and easy to use site Wordle.  What else can we do with Wordle?  Here is a great link for more ideas!  Top Ten Ways to use Wordle at School

Mr. Aleckson’s 5th grade Class Uses Voicethread to Create Book Talks

Looking for a good book to read?  Try visiting Mr. Aleckson’s book talks on Voicethread:

Voicethread is an easy to use podcasting site – See Mrs. Dembowski for ideas on how your class can use this exciting online tool!

1st Graders Discover New Math websites

Mrs. Marquardt’s class had a chance to discover a few new math web sites that connect to their math curriculum.

Go to our Kindergartner/1st grade link to see all of the great web sites that are there!

Mrs. Reimer’s 2nd graders use Voicethread

During the last few weeks in October I have been working with 2nd grade teacher Jenny Reimer and her students to create book talks using the podcasting site, Voicethread.  Students were excited to work on this project and it shows!  Just listen to their book talks to find out what their favorite book is right now and why at

Let’s Blog!! – What’s Our Question of the Week, Mrs. D?

4th graders are set up on to post comments on Mrs. D’s Question of the Week.  These questions can involve sharing the titles of favorite books, explaining ideas of how we can work together to stop cyberbullying and suggestions for this year’s book fair.  What are benefits of blogging?

Benefits of blogging:

There’s an immediate audience

It’s student centered

It gives a voice to your students (ownership)

They can practice 21st century skills

Ideas for using a blog

Weekly journal entries – Library blog “Question of the Week”

Book discussions

Formative assessment

Collaborate with other classes – try these… – Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension

4th graders Make State Brochures

Mrs. Goertz collaborated with me on having two of the 4th grade classes create state brochures using their researching facts.  It took us three weeks of lab time but the results were awesome!  Students received a color copy for themselves and their partner, along with an additional copy for Mrs. Goertz for grading purposes.  Students learned how to use World Book online to get pictures for their brochures and we used a PowerPoint template of two slides to create the tri-fold brochure.

Here are a few examples:

sample 3

sample 2

Be a Buddy – Not a Bully!

Mrs. Reinardy and Mrs. Dembowski collaborated in October to present students in 1st through 5th grades, lessons on bullying, cyberbullying and online safety.  Primary students read stories like Lucy and the Bully and Nobody Knew What to Do.  Intermediate grades learned about cybersafety through discussion questions and viewing Little Red in Cyberspace from Tumblebooks and using BrainPop.

Riverside Students research landmarks

Third-graders at Riverside Elementary have been working hard in social studies researching U.S. landmarks. Their research began with instruction from Instructional Media Center Specialist Sheila Dembowski on how to find and use search engines and Google maps to research and map their landmark.

Once their research was done, they created posters with information about and pictures of their landmark. They especially liked learning how many miles and in which direction their landmark was located from Ringle.

The students presented their projects in small groups to their classmates.

“I really wanted to do Buckingham Fountain in Chicago because it has lots of lights on it and I’d really like to see it some day,” said Sydney H.

Brodey S. said his favorite part of the project was “getting the pictures from the Internet.”

Kendra D. knew that her landmark, Grand Teton National Park, is west of Ringle, and is excited that some day her parents want to take her whole family there to see it.

Kid-Friendly Search Engines

Looking for answers to your questions without getting all of the thousands of hits that don’t provide what you are really looking for?  Try using one of these to get better research results for elementary age children:

Mrs. Staff’s class and Mrs. Gauger’s class used them to research their animals for their animal projects.

Kindergartners create pumpkins using ABCya

All students in Riverside’s kindergarten classes had a blast creating jack-o-lanterns using the website ABCya – All creations were printed in color and displayed so everyone could enjoy them.

Check out this link to make one of your own! 


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